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IBARAKI - Debutalbum "Rashomon" |  News bei

IBARAKI – Debutalbum “Rashomon” | News bei

TRIVIUM vocalist and guitarist Matthew Keichi Heavy has revealed more details about the much-anticipated and long-awaited IBARAKI project.

“Akumo translates to ‘Nightmare’ – and with this piece I encourage the listener to work to find their explanations for what they are feeling from the lyrics, the music, and the haunting images of the music video”, Sajit Kitchi. “I have always been fascinated by Tajalli Sagazan and for many years I wanted to pay tribute to his work as a performance piece; finally being able to immerse myself in his style was an intense experience.” He concludes by saying: “Having guest star Nergal on this track, which was co-written by Ehsan, allowed me to incorporate many of my long-running influences; and when I challenged Nergal to translate my lyrics into Polish, it took the song to another level.”


Tracking List:
“Hakanaki Hitsuzen”
“Ibaraki Doji”
“Jigoku Daiū”
“Tamashii No Houkai”
“Akumu” (Feat Nergal)
“Rōnin” (The Miracle of Gerard Way)
“Susanoo no Mikoto” (Featured Ihsan)

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