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The Impossible Kitchen: Sven Wassmer im Portrait

The Impossible Kitchen: Sven Wassmer im Portrait

This isn’t the first time Sven Wasmer has met “kitchen bull” Tim Malzer on TV: in September 2020, the Swiss chef appeared on Tim Malzer’s cooking show “Ready Beef” but against Mario Loninger In – In the Kitchen Impossible, he is now faced with a personal challenge by Mälzer: in the third episode of Season 7Morning February 20 at 8:15 PM on VOX It airs, and comes after Meta Hiltebrand, Tanja Grandits, and Nenad Mlinaryvic one more time Duel with a Swiss star a.

Simple Swiss Alpine Kitchen

With his simple alpine cuisine, Sven Wassmer has been offering unique gastronomic experiences in the restaurant since 2019 “memories” I am “Grand Resort Bad Ragaz”. Free from all dogmas, he finds inspiration for his creations in the immediate vicinity. Most of the manufactured products come from Biodynamic agriculture From small producers from the region. No dish represents so much creativity Albancoch again Gently cooked char with blazing Archer And the Second.

Just a few months after opening a file “memories” Wassmer immediately earned two stars. In addition to the current restaurant Falstaff Pub & Restaurant Guide It was named “Hotel Restaurant of the Year”.

“The longer I cook, the more I leave.”
Sven and Asmar

strong team

behind his success Signature Restaurants “Memories” as well as des “Vital by Sven”in which in particular Healthy and sustainable creations Come to the table, there is a strong team: first of all his wife Amanda and Asmar Bolgin. Falstaff Bartenders of the Year are responsible like Windctorin Beverage selection «Grand Hotel Kleinhof». She follows like her husband “Less” is more “Philosophy.” It is based on an exclusive selection of wines and champagnes.

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The couple was already in the restaurant together “to focus” I am Park Hotel Vitznau After she was hired by then-chef Nenad Mlinarevich, who is currently working at Cooking show “MasterChef” He can be seen returning to Switzerland from London. Both chefs pre-cooked in “Schloss Schönstein” With Andreas Caminada. After that, today the couple went to the restaurant “silver” At the five-star Hotel Waltz ‘7132’, where Wasmar cooked his first star as head chef before finding their new workplace in Bad Ragaz in 2019.