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IchDuErSieEs appear one last time in the post

IchDuErSieEs appear one last time in the post

Linz. With the IchDuErSieEs show, Wagner & Co’s improv band can be seen for the last time at Posthof on Monday, November 14, at 8pm. As usual, nothing is ready, there is no text and no direction, everything arises from the moment.

For the 25th performance, Wagner again takes first-class personnel on stage: in addition to the great Austrian-Canadian master Jacob Bannigan from Graz, there are the icons of Venice Imbro Barbara Willensdorfer and Helmut Schuster, the multi-award winning cabaret artist Manuel. Thalhammer and Lenz “Madame Embro”, Daniela Wagner.

The name is the program

The title refers to the characters: I’m David Wagner as the presenter. You are the competitor in question, i.e. the five players; He and she are the most diverse characters brought to life through improvisation throughout the evening. It means the topics that were worked on during the presentation.

There is still a very decisive protagonist: you with a capital S – the audience, who determines the course of the show with their input and inspiration automatically calls them to the stage, because as always with improvisational theater, there is nothing ready, no script and no direction, Everything arises from the moment. The range of styles and genres used is virtually unlimited, again depending on the audience whether they are watching a Western movie, a silent film, a Shakespeare-style drama or a romantic comedy, or whether they are watching an impromptu operetta, hard rock, German hits or rap music can be heard or jazz.