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The Matacostix feels too small for soft music

The Matacostix feels too small for soft music

“I hate driving with music that is too soft. Then I prefer to turn it off completely,” says Matthias Ortner.
A rocking anthem created in Mattacostix's signature style. An ode to times past, and especially to the joy that loud music can bring. True to the tagline: “Is the music too loud? Are you too old!”

The Carinthian band's new single “Zu Laut?” Friday. The song was created in a situation where they were seen as “too loud”. “After a successful songwriting session in Mannheim, we partied and celebrated. One of the neighbors complained and said we should turn off the music,” recalls Ortner. “Then we thought it would be cool to write a song about it.”

With their song, Matacostix invites you to celebrate your next house party with the music at full speed. It is an invitation to surrender to the feeling of freedom and youthful vitality when the rhythms drive away worries and turn night into day. The text should also be a statement of the pure joy of life and a celebration of community. The corresponding music video for the song will also be released this weekend.

Ahead of the band's annual summer event with the Matacostix 2024 show on July 5th at East Bay in Klagenfurt, fans can look forward to “one or two more songs” to be released in the spring.

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