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In an interview, Manuel Feller talks about his career, his duel with Linus Strasser, and his big dream

In an interview, Manuel Feller talks about his career, his duel with Linus Strasser, and his big dream

Adelboden and Wengen – The World Cup slalom slopes in Switzerland have been in the hands of Manuel Wieler this season. The Austrian was victorious in the Chuenisbärgli and Lauberhorn and came to the local races in Kitzbühel and Schladming as dominating the pole scene.
The button didn't really click – with Linus Straßer's double win, Feller had to settle for fourth and fifth places. However, the 31-year-old is satisfied with the way the season has gone.

“I'm in the best shape of my slalom career,” Feller says in an interview. Eurosport. “I now feel comfortable in all conditions. The only race where I didn't cope well with the setup was Kitzbühel. Fourth place was the best I could get from it. In all the other races I had a chance to win. .. I'm very proud of that.”

Successes are not a coincidence, they are built on a lot of hard work. Feller repeatedly suffered from back pain throughout his career. “It was often up and down. But the hard work paid off. I'm also making progress in the giant slalom this season.”

“Hundling” Odermatt slows down Feller in Schladming

He has seen many ups and downs in his career, so missing out on a win in the blink of an eye is easier to deal with. But Feller does not release gas.

Feller gets his motivation from music: “When I'm standing in the starting area, I listen to reggae or dance music. Every driver has his own ritual. I like to listen to music to push myself.”

Once he leaves the starting gate, Feller has only one motto: “We have a motto on the team: Focus on the next round, focus on the next target. That's exactly what I do: Always focused on the next target and my next swing. Every swing has to be the best it can be.” I have.”

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Dream of triumph living room in Saalbach

There are still five slalom races on the program before the World Cup final in Saalbach. Feller has a 164-point lead over Strasser – not at all reassuring.

“That can change very quickly,” says Feller, who had the biggest success of his career in March in Saalbach after claiming two silver medals at the 2018 Olympics in the team. “Linus has won two races, and I can’t afford any slip-ups.” Competing and in the 2017 World Cup slalom race he wants: to win a little crystal ball in the slalom, just a stone's throw from where he lives.

“I live in Fieberbrunn,” says Feller. “Saalbach is on the other side of the mountain. When I go skiing in particular, I go to Baudern in Saalbach and Fieberbrunn. It would be a dream to be able to celebrate something there.”

Feller wants to inspire the audience

However, winning the World Cup in slalom will not be enough. “I wouldn't have a good feeling about winning a World Cup in slalom, but I don't do well in the race,” says Feller. “My focus is always on the moment.”

Because in addition to good results, there is one thing that is particularly important for Tyroleans: entertainment. “People come from all over the world to watch us ski live. I want to give them a good show and show them that I am right to wear the red jersey of the World Cup slalom leader.”

The next opportunity will be next weekend at the men's technical races in Bansko, Bulgaria.


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