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U.S. banks are threatening to lay off non-vaccinated employees

U.S. banks are threatening to lay off non-vaccinated employees

New York Most bankers in New York are now working from home again because the highly contagious Omikron variant is still under city control. But now more and more banks are setting clear rules for withdrawals. Most recently, Jamie Dimon, CEO of the largest bank in the United States, rose JPMorgan ChasePuts pressure on his staff. “You have to be vaccinated to get to the office. If you do not get vaccinated, you will not be allowed in the office,” Timon told the CNBC, the U.S. stock exchange, earlier this week. “We will not pay you if you do not work from the office.”

Like many financial institutions, the bank has made it mandatory for employees and visitors to be vaccinated at nine New York offices. And most employees, 97 percent, have already been vaccinated. Unlike in Germany, employers had the right from the beginning to ask about vaccine status and set their own rules for their offices.

Timon, the longest-serving CEO of Wall Street Bank, is an outstanding advocate of office culture. Unlike competition from Citigroup However retain a certain flexibility. Vaccination is mandatory for offices in New York, where the number of cases is again very high. However, the bank has the right to make flexible decisions for each location.

“Contrary to all the other rules we have so far, we deliberately don’t want to be consistent here,” Timon says. “Different cities and states have different laws and requirements, so we will adapt locally.” In New York City, employees of private companies must be vaccinated or regularly tested themselves.

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Citigroup is less flexible in this regard. The bank, run by Jane Fraser, announced last week that all employees should be vaccinated at least twice by Friday. Otherwise, they will go on unpaid leave on January 15 and be discharged on January 31. This approach is called “No Job, No Job” for short in New York.

Further: Corporations and cities are making progress while the Supreme Court is debating compulsory vaccination for companies in the United States. US Bank wants to release those who have not been vaccinated against Citi.