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In Search of the Star" - Netflix launch review - Plus movie review - Online cinema and cinema magazine

In Search of the Star” – Netflix launch review – Plus movie review – Online cinema and cinema magazine

As it gets colder outside and Halloween decorations are gradually replaced by Christmas decorations, any Halloween specials on Netflix will be replaced by new Christmas movies. For several years now, the streaming provider has been releasing a whole series of movies every year to match the holiday season. Logo: the main thing is that it resembles Christmas. The plot and themes are not necessarily related to Christmas, as long as there are plenty of decorations in the background. “Princess Switch 3: Chasing the Star” (“The Princess Switch 3”) is the latest addition to the Netflix collection of “Christmas Rom-Coms.”

By new writer Lena Wasserberger

Shortly before the big Christmas, the “Star of Peace”, an artifact delivered from the Vatican specifically for the festivities, was stolen. To get the star back in time, Queen Margaret (Vanessa Hudgens) and Princess Stacey (Vanessa Hudgens) get help from Margaret’s criminal cousin Fiona (also: Vanessa Hudgens). In addition to the treasure hunt, as is often the case, it is also about love.

Prinzessinnentausch 1 and 2 was nothing more than a Christmas movie of sorts. Introduction to this genre: Two or more characters who look confusingly alike switch roles as the movie progresses. In the case of “The Princess Exchange”, this concept was used for two films. One can attribute to the third part that he tries something different from the first two parts of the series. In “Prinzessinnentausch 3” you can’t avoid the classic game of confusion, but at least it’s not the starting point of the plot. This is more than a treasure hunt.

The surprise protagonist in “Prizessinnentausch 3” is the antagonist of the second movie: Fiona. Fiona can be described as more entertaining than the other duo, but that doesn’t make her a good character. Each character in this movie has only one characteristic and even if you don’t expect particularly complex characters in a Christmas rom-com, it’s amazing how flat the characters here are. The fact that they, above all Margaret and Stacey, seem one-dimensional is largely due to Vanessa Hudgens’ acting performance. Hudgens often seem to find it difficult to distinguish between the three doppelgangers. So it doesn’t achieve the emotional depth the movie wants to evoke. There is also no romantic mood at Christmas, unless the spectacle of a festive restroom and pretty lights is enough.

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Fans of the series, children or people who just want to sit back, relax and let themselves take a shower will definitely find the right movie in “Princess Swap 3: On the Hunt for the Star”. However, if you are expecting something different here from a simple and cheap, gummy concept that has little in common with Christmas and even less with a good rom-com, then you should look for a different kind of entertainment during the Christmas season.

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Rating: 4 out of 10.