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Neue Streicher Band – Joy Concert in Klosterneuburg

It was 1983 when Erke Duit and Johannes Holik founded the Neue Streicher group. And in the fall of the same year she gave her first “probably terrible concert” in a park in Klosterneuburg, Holick recalls today, 40 years later. The Neue Streicher Band has long found its place in the music scene, diligently conducting concerts — it’s scheduled to hold 31 concerts in 2023 — here and elsewhere, and the orchestra’s trips to Mexico have taken it, state parliamentarian Christoph Kaufmann mentioned in his letter. Short tribute.

The beginnings would not have been possible, thanks Hollick, without the supporters, including the former director of the Klosterneuburg School of Music, Rudolf Bruckner, who was also present at the concert, and Paul Moorwald, city councilor for culture, who has since passed away.

After a hard time for all, Holick addresses the epidemic, among other things, that the Neue Streicher’s 40-year concert is a “party of joy”: because Handel, whose compositions were on the programme, is always a source of joy for him.

Under the direction of the conductor Michael Zettner, excerpts from “Der Christ” or Coronation Canticle (Coronational Anthem), which had recently been performed at the coronation of Charles III. can hear. Soprano Veronica Kaiser was there as a soloist, while the Klosterneuburg Chamber Choir also provided full vocals. “Joy to the World” follows in the wonderful finale – it’s hard to imagine a better expression of joy.

The musical program was supplemented by quotations from Händl’s letters, read and contextualized by Ingrid Wendl.