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In the lions' den »Leadercent

In the lions’ den »Leadercent

The Golden Lionesses of Media were discussed at the Women’s House midterm event for journalists’ conference.

On Tuesday, June 21, four “MedienLöwin Gold” winners discuss quality journalism, interviewed by YoungStars – Rising Talents at the Women Journalists Conference.

A central question has been how high-quality journalism has developed over the past decades, where top Austrian journalists see themselves and their work and how this is evaluated by young people.

Eva Linsinger, Goldene MedienLöwin 2021, Kurt Vorhofer Prize 2022 winner, Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Head of Internal Policy Profile personly, Antonia Rados, Golden Media Leones 2014, longtime crisis journalist, among others RTL And the ZDFfounder of the Women’s Social Center A + Friends

Anneliese Rohrer, Goldene MedienLöwin 2012, Austrian Dean of Media, writing for journalism and commenting on radio Petra Stoeber, Goldene MedienLöwin 2020, Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Standard, 2020 Kurt Vorhofer Prize winner in conversation with YoungStars Lisa Ganglbaur (currently an internship at ORF) and Marie Salzman (Puls24 Reporter).

The evening was moderated by Elizabeth Buchmann. The discussion was prior to the November 9 press conference.

Leadercent was at the event included. (Approximately)

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