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Hans Stein opens the readers' section -

Hans Stein opens the readers’ section –

Hannes Stein was born in Munich in 1965 and lives in New York. He’s reading at the invitation of Vea Kaiser – more on that at Hans Stein, USA.

It will be followed by readings on Thursday morning at 11 am Eva Seschschmidt, d And at 12.00 that of Leon Engler, D/A. The first reading begins in the afternoon at 1.30 pm Alexandru Poloch, D/ROM2:30 pm Andreas Moster, d it is your turn.

Complete on Saturday Leona Stallman, Dr (10:00 am), Clemence Bruno Gatzmaga, Dr (11.00 am) and Juan S. Gus, d (12.30 pm) Square 14 readers.

Vienna Elias Herschel, A He is the youngest participant this year at 28 years old. He is last in this year’s reading order and will present his text on Saturday afternoon. Burgenland woman Barbara Zeman,This is the second Austrian year. It was her turn on Friday afternoon.

Readings in the ORF . garden

After two years digitally due to the pandemic, the 2022 competition will once again be held in the presence of readers and also with the public. This time the readings will not take place in the broadcast studio, but on the stage of the ORF park. The new reading stage can withstand the rain, but in the worst case the authors will move to the ORF theater.

The opening ceremony of the 46th session of TddL and the drawing of the reading order took place on Wednesday evening – more on that in Bachmann Prize inaugurated.

The jury and readers arrived in Klagenfurt on Tuesday evening and got to know each other and the ORF team for a get-together – more on that at In anticipation of the opening

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