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Rapoldipark turned into a stadium: Krapoldi im Park enters the third round

Rapoldipark turned into a stadium: Krapoldi im Park enters the third round

From August 30 to September 4, the Krapoldi Festival turns Rapoldipark into a colorful playground for clowns, street performers and acrobats. A total of 80 street art performances, parades and festivals await visitors, who have been invited to accompany the inaugural show in costume again this year.

Innsbruck. The third edition of Krapoldi im Park again presents a very diverse program this year. The festival will open on Tuesday, August 30th at 2:00 pm, with a large display of street art from downtown (Anna Pillar) to Rapoldipark, where visitors are invited to take part in costumes. The opening performance is accompanied by jugglers, artists, drums and trumpets. The second show will pass through Bradle on Thursday, September 1st, and will be accompanied by impromptu performances. In contrast to the opening performance, the focus is on calmer, more sensual tones, which are created primarily through violin music by Musikfreunde Innsbruck.

A feast for the whole family

Krapoldi welcomes families and young visitors with open arms. Clown duo Herbert and Mimi as well as Stöcklbühne’s famous Punch and Judy show have become a constant part of the festival. Plus, this year kids can look forward to the beloved personal theater by Italy’s Compagnia Signor Formicola (“Varietà Mutanda”) and the excellent clown play “Martha in a suitcase” by Austrian artist Martha Laschkolnig. Young people will not only be present, but also on stage: young circus Wirbelwind from Tyrolean Oberland will show their circus skills, juggling games, aerial acrobatics, tightrope and acting in the play “In der Schokoladenfabrik”.

Lots of acrobatics are presented at the festival.

Artistic and charming jokes

While children and families in particular leave their activity at Rapoldipark during the day, young people and adults can look forward to great performances in the circus tent after dusk. At its first show in Krapoldi, the Viennese company Momento will stun audiences with original acrobatics in the contemporary show “In Your Face”. Comedy duo Soralino toss boxes, squashes, and balances them in the air at the Austrian premiere of “Inbox”—always on the brink of disaster. French clown actress Helen Justin as Colette Gomet (“President”) becomes the presidential candidate by dumb coincidence and tries to do justice to the seriousness of the job. Compagnia PSIRC travels from Barcelona to Innsbruck: in their “Acrometria” programme, exceptional artists bring cutting-edge artistic figures to the Krapoldi Theater with apparent ease. Without saying a word, the characters of Baccala Compagnia in the world-famous production “PSS PSS” fascinate us with their seriousness, innocence and joy of life, reminiscent of Buster Keaton, Charlie Chaplin or Tim Burton.

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There is a children's program during the day and something for an older audience in the evening.

green event

This year the festival will be held again as a sustainable festival. Krapoldi im Park is a certified green event. Waste avoidance, energy-saving technologies, regional catering, sustainable purchase of all products, and sustainable access for guests on foot, by bike, or by public transport emphasize the sustainable character.

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