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Increased number of phishing emails circulating -

Increased number of phishing emails circulating –


The Carinthian Chamber of Commerce is warning of the increasing number of phishing emails being sent, with the aim of finding out the victims’ banking details. Several already unstable bank customers contacted the AK.

Phishing emails wanting to generate data from bank customers are currently circulating in large numbers, the AKP said in a broadcast on Wednesday. If you enter your data on the fraudulent website, the payments will be illegally debited from your account. According to President Gunther Gotsch, sensitive data should never be disclosed via email or SMS. Currently circulating emails have “BAWAG PSK” as the subject.

It’s about the account data.

Customers are required to perform a security installation to unlock their account. Otherwise, a processing fee of €34.99 would be due, according to consumer advocate Herwig Höfferer: “Criminals want to lure customers from their account details in order to clear their accounts. Often the bank’s web address in the email looks deceptively similar to a real bank home page.”

“Banks do not send SMS”

According to Hoferer, victims of phishing attacks do not have to be held liable for the damage; If there is no negligence, the bank is responsible. However, banks regularly dismiss liability, stating that the customer acted grossly negligently and then remains with the damage. Hoferer said banks do not send emails or text messages asking customers to go to a website and sign in with credentials.