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Investigators have a big lead over unofficial Wirecard board member Jan Marsalek

Investigators have a big lead over unofficial Wirecard board member Jan Marsalek

Former Wirecard CFO Jan Marsalek has gone into hiding since the Wirecard scandal. Now investigators are said to have hot leads on him – he leads to the United Arab Emirates.

While Wirecard’s former chief financial officer Marcus Braun remains in custody in Germany, one can only guess the whereabouts of former Wirecard chief financial officer Jan Marsalek. was another After escaping from Austria on a private plane suspected in Russia.

Now a new lane leads to the United Arab Emirates, As “Handelsblatt” reports.. The annual rent of a luxury apartment in Munich, where Marsalek’s long-time friend lives, was transferred from the account of a man from the Gulf state. About 80 thousand euros were received in the owner’s account in the spring of 2021 – a good amount of 6,600 euros per month, paid in advance for one year. The sender was a man named Jamil Al-Din Ahmed, and the money came from one of the major banks in the Emirates.

Transfer 80,000 euros “for the month of January”

The owner did not know the man, the transfer was signed “Lena”. The owner of the apartment informed the authorities. They now see the diversion leading to the man reported in the Wirecard case for alleged fraud, among other things.

Marsalek was responsible for Wirecard’s Asian business. He is likely the mastermind behind balance sheet fraud, in which the company mimicked billions in sales in Asia that didn’t actually exist.

a Another confidant of Marsalik – Henry O’Sullivan – was recently arrested in Singapore He was. The 46-year-old Briton is now in prison there. He was wanted for aiding and abetting the misappropriation of Wirecard’s assets.

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In Germany, the indictment in the Wirecard case is due to be completed this year. The Wirecard scandal caused billions in losses. In Germany there was already a parliamentary U-committee.