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Influencer Julia Holz now has an ID card for severely disabled

Influencer Julia Holz now has an ID card for severely disabled

in a Julia Wood Simply do not calm down! The influencer has had to contend with a few setbacks in the past few weeks: After she was finally cancer-free and had surgery for an abdominal wall hernia, her daughter’s mother fell and had to go under the knife again. Since then, Grid has lived with it open wound And this is exactly what has consequences for your career: Julia Cannot work offline!

In an interview with picture The blonde reveals what no one knows yet. “I now have a severely disabled ID. Unfortunately, I am physically unable to do ‘normal’ work at the moment.”, as described. At the moment a nurse comes every couple of days to look at your wound from the last operation – it should be growing slowly again now.

But from that and Also from the last breakup Julia did not want to let her ex-partner Ewan put her down. “I will continue to think positively, I will do my best”She told me a few days ago Proflash-interview. She doesn’t want to be dragged down or even depressed, because beauty doesn’t need that at all right now.

Julia Halls in November 2021
Julia Holz, TV immigrant
Julia Halls, December 2021
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