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Information on ticket sales for the 2024/25 season

Information on ticket sales for the 2024/25 season

Dear fast fans!

Our new product has been available for a few weeks now. Online store under Accessible. The new store aims to provide an exciting and improved shopping experience, allowing all Rapid fans to benefit from smooth navigation, improved search functionality and improved ease of use.

Not only are we starting the upcoming season with a new design and new functions, we're also starting with one. Update on ticket purchases.

Out of place Reasons for sustainability This will be the case in the future when ordering daily tickets online. There will no longer be any shipping of printed tickets. – Nothing will change for over 90% of current daily ticket buyers. Postal delivery is only possible for annual tickets and in combination with the purchase of a fan item.

In addition, if possible, all tickets should be as Home or mobile ticket printing In our online store about each of them User Account Booked and under menu item “Print my tickets at home and mobile” To be managed. The ticket scanning devices at the entrances to the Allianz Stadium were upgraded during the summer break and contribute to faster access to the stadium.

We would also like to point out that from now on when purchasing tickets Fans' corner and ticket offices at the stadiumregardless of whether it is in advance or on the day of the match, one Service fee 1.00€/purchase ticket with blank ticket printout (The same applies when purchasing multiple tickets within a single ticket purchase.) However, no service charge applies if you book your tickets in the Fan Corner or at the stadium ticket offices, but do not want to print them out and can receive them via instant digital delivery as an online ticket to your email address or to your user account within seconds of payment.

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Below you will find them. Advantages of digital tickets And so are those Daily ticket prices for the upcoming 2024/25 season!

We ask for your attention and help in making SK Rapid and the ticket sales process as well as paperless access to the stadium more sustainable and time-saving!

Should you have that current one? Login data If you are no longer recognized by the online store, please contact us. [email protected]so that you can (again) use your user account to its fullest and keep it up to date with your current email address. We will be happy to quickly help you resolve any issues with your online user account and, if necessary, reset your access data.