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Paris 2024: ÖOC Team Makes a Fashion Statement in Paris

Paris 2024: ÖOC Team Makes a Fashion Statement in Paris

From casual shirts in white, red, grey and black to hoodies and raincoats, there is something for every weather. It is the third match for discus thrower Lukas Weißhaidinger and he has already had enough of the laundry. However, selling it later is difficult for a man who weighs 145 kg. “I have a triple XL. I don’t know anyone who still has a 3XL,” said the 32-year-old. He might be able to tie some things, but with size 49 shoes it would be difficult.

However, he keeps two or three individual pieces from the collection as mementos, Weisshaidinger explains. He still has clothes not only from Tokyo 2021, when he won bronze, but also from his first Olympic show in Rio in 2016, which he no longer wears, but he doesn’t have the heart to part with them. The European Championship silver medalist missed the opening ceremony on July 26 on the Seine. So he hopes to be able to wear the leather outfit when he visits the revived Austrian house.

Father/George Hochmuth

Weißhaidinger is Austria's medal hope in discus throw

“In my personal life, I don’t prefer leather pants, but they fit me well and look good,” said trampoline player Benny Wizani. “The stuff you get is great, and it’s great fun to see all the other people too.” ÖOC values ​​team spirit. A joint training camp for the different departments was organized for the first time in Belek, Turkey, in the fall.

Lederhosen as eye-catcher

According to ÖOC Secretary General Peter Meinel, some projects have been developed specifically for Paris with long-standing partners. For example, a shirt made of pure natural fibres based on merino wool and bamboo. For the uniform, a skirt and trousers made of goatskin are combined with a white linen blouse or shirt and a grey gilet. The team should be particularly noticeable at the opening, when the athletes are driven through the city on boats.

Alexander Horst and Julian Hurl

Father/George Hochmuth

Austria wants to please everyone by wearing leather pants and leather skirts.

Track cycling hopeful Tim Waffler had already tested the clothing on a smaller scale before the European Youth Olympic Games (EYOF) in 2017. “At the time, people thought I would probably never experience a real Olympic Games. But now I can experience it, it’s an absolute dream,” confirmed the 22-year-old, one of 38 Olympic debutants on the ÖOC team. “It’s like Christmas, birthday, Easter, name day, mother’s birthday, all together.”

Clothing as a form of integration

Saman Soltani is also looking forward to the games in Paris. The 28-year-old fled Iran in 2022 and has been living in Vienna ever since. He is travelling to Paris on a flat-water canoe as part of the IOC refugee team, but has also been outfitted by the ÖOC – right down to the leather skirt. “It’s very impressive. I’ve never worn such traditional clothing before. It’s part of my integration,” Soltani explains.

Soltani also spoke with Austria’s Sports Minister and Vice Chancellor Werner Kogler (Greens) while getting dressed. She would ideally like to row medals for Austria at the 2028 Games in Los Angeles. “I love being in this community. They’re like my family,” the native Iranian said of the local sports scene. “They’ve welcomed me so warmly and helped me a lot. It’s very moving. I’m very happy to meet all these people.”

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