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Ingrown toenails: What you can do about it and how to prevent it

Ingrown toenails: What you can do about it and how to prevent it

Ingrown toenails are becoming more common and can be painful. Here we reveal what you can do about it, how you can easily prevent it from happening again and when a podiatrist needs to be involved.

The growth of our nails has accelerated over the past 70 years, Stady Shown. One blames the generally better diet today.

In fact, most people’s nails grow a little faster in the summer than in the winter. In the summer, more fresh, high-quality food is available – and this may be a reason for stronger growth. Finally, we get more UV light from the sun in the summer, which boosts the production of vitamin D. This vitamin is involved in the formation of skin and nails, among other things.

It is a growth that can sometimes come with complications. If the nail grows, it becomes inflamed, and it can fester or bleed. This occurs when bacteria colonize the wound. How they develop, what helps and how to prevent ingrown toenails, here.

Cut the nails properly as A and O

In the corners, the nails should not be rounded. It should be left long enough so that the corners of the nails are exposed at the side edge of the skin.

In addition to nails that are too short and round, shoes that are too tight and sweaty feet can promote growth. People who are overweight, have diabetes, or have diseases that can lead to water retention are generally more susceptible to this disease. Heart failure, for example, you can read about on the platform.

Ingrown nail: You can do that

As the nail grows into the skin of the toe, the affected area becomes inflamed and painful. If the nail grows only a little, a regular foot bath with curd soap, chamomile or 1% potassium permanganate solution is sufficient. Then the area is treated with anti-inflammatory gels or ointments.

Tea tree oil is also good for this as it has an antibacterial effect and prevents infections. Dry well after this procedure and avoid pressing the toe for now.

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when to see a doctor

If all this does not improve, the doctor should explain to you what the problem is. This is especially true if the nail is severely festering and inflamed.

The inflammation can spread and develop into phlegmon – a bacterial skin infection. Even if fever and fatigue are added to the ingrown nail, a visit to the family doctor is recommended.

This article was originally published by our partner Swiss Journal.

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