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Inquire - Elijah Trojanov: "Theatre itself is a utopian space"

Inquire – Elijah Trojanov: “Theatre itself is a utopian space”

N: This Saturday you’ll be back at the Landestheater in St. Pölten – to speak. What is there to hear? Can you also have an opinion?

Elijah Trojanov: Everyone can always have an opinion! And you can hear the future!

“Perfect Space” is the name of the discussion format devised by the Lower Austrian research center GlobArt that you will open. This also sounds like an intellectual building. What does it take to move?

Trojanov: This is definitely a space for thought. After all, what is taken for granted today was first thought of by someone… I think it’s an absolute necessity!

On the guest list there is an economist, political scientist, writer – and a “recognized utopian”, that is, you, as the host. Today, the utopians have fallen behind in favor of the realists. Is there a lack of courage? Are utopians allowed to talk about the past?

Trojanov: Of course they are, realists get paid much better! Utopia must first assert itself in the face of a lot of resistance – but it is quite persistent. It is very useful to look at history, because it requires staying power.

She will speak at the Theater Workshop at the Lower Austrian State Theater. Is this also a “utopian space”? How many utopias does the theater need?

Trojanov: Theater is a utopian space in itself. And this is ideal, because theater makes thoughts become physical.

One of your books has also been staged in St. Polten: “Macht und Resistance”, 2018. Like your novel “EisTau” from 2011, it is more relevant than ever. What needs to be said, thought, played out in 2022?

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Trojanov: The theaters are doing very well there. And that a city not as big as St. Polten has such a sensationally good theater is remarkable in itself.

and what?

Trojanov: Very interesting thing: I’ve been working on a fantasy novel for many years. I already have 500 pages, and they will appear next fall. And then I’ll get to know him in St. Polten… I’m so excited, and so is the publisher!

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