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With Albert in Italy: Charlene seems to have a hard time smiling

With Albert in Italy: Charlene seems to have a hard time smiling

On the occasion of the 160th anniversary of the Consulate of Monaco, Prince Albert II and his wife Charlene They traveled to Florence together this week. Fürstenaar has completed several dates together: Charlene and Albert have been intimate in all appearances and posed arm in arm for photographers, among other things. But the princess also looks like some pictures as if looking good mood wasn’t so easy for her.

Sour-faced Princess Charlene in Italy

The palace posted photos of the couple’s trip to Italy on Instagram and shared information about the visit to Florence. The Honorary Consul of Monaco in Florence received Albert and his wife on Wednesday morning, Alessandro Antonio Giustito visit the consulate followed by a stroll through the historic center of Florence.

Then they attended a luncheon at the Palazzo Gondi in attendance Andrea BocelliAnd Dario Nardellaand the Mayor of Florence and the highest local authorities. In the early afternoon, the Sovereign and Princess Charlene visited, accompanied by Andrea Bocelli and his wife Veronica Headquarters of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation.

The visit to Florence culminated in a charity gala at the “Salone dei Cinquecento” in the evening, where Albert appeared in a dark blue suit, while his wife—matching the color—presented herself in a dark blue, sequined, semi-sheer gown. sleeves.

The Italy trip was one of several appearances by the couple in recent weeks after the palace was forced to deny fresh rumors that Albert and his wife were in the process of separating.

Albert and his wife at the charity evening in Florence

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Charlene repeatedly sought physical contact with her husband and bound his arm. She doesn’t seem to really feel comfortable with all the fuss about her visit and the media attention.

In some of the photos that show the princess in Italy, the former professional swimmer’s smile looks a bit tortured. In some pictures she looks completely frosty.

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