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Insider claim: Prince Harry feels lonely in America

There is Prince Harry (37) Unhappy in Los Angeles? Last year the grandson laid Queen (95) and his wife Herzogin Megan (40) They all resigned their government offices and went to the United States together. In the former actress’ homeland, they lead a life far removed from the British royal family – but it is said that Redhead did not actually get there. An insider now said: Harry spends his lonely life in the United States.

Opposite We are weekly A Sussex neighbor said no one had seen the 37-year-old: “I only see cars going in or out. I never see Harry.” According to sources, the family man has only two famous friends: the actors Orlando Bloom (44) and the arbitrator James Gordon (43) Otherwise, the brother will cover himself Prince William (39) However, often. “Harry lives a very lonely life these days,” the person believes.

A few months ago, writer Duncan Larcombe was convinced Prince Harry In California Missing happiness Can. “Satisfied people do not start arguing and criticize others”The author had explained. Not all critical statements against the royal family speak for a carefree life.

Prince Harry and Duchess Megan in June 2021
Prince Harry, January 2020

Divine / Harbo Productions – Joe Buckleys

Prince Harry, Duchess Megan and Oprah Winfrey
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