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Install Windows 11 on an old PC: Be careful of this trick

Install Windows 11 on an old PC: Be careful of this trick

Unsupported devices can receive an OS upgrade with a simple console command. But there is a catch.

With its latest operating system, Windows 11Microsoft decided to impose restrictions on devices. Evil tongues claim that this was done to encourage users to buy new computers. In the past few months, many inventors have been working on it Bypass Microsoft restrictions And to make Windows 11 installable on older computers.

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Latest version available

how Hayes reportsis currently doing one trick The tour is where you first get a Windows 11 ISO file and then use it with a Simple console command installed on his computer to switch from Windows 10 to the next version of Windows. You can also get the latest version of Windows 11, 2H23, this way.

The installation process initially takes place as one Windows software player, but will then be converted to your current Windows 10 license. Anyone with Windows 10 Home will get Windows 11 Home, as is the case with the Pro editions.

This is how the trick works: After decompressing the ISO file, you do so Click on the right on setup.exe. Then you choose”Open in Terminal“Here you give the order.”server setup.exe /product” a.

Servers are not controlled

The trick should work because it’s on Windows Server Missing compatibility check. The program does not check for hardware restrictions. The catch is that this Only when first installed mission. If Microsoft publishes an update for Windows 11, it can no longer be installed because it will be scanned again.

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This problem can also be avoided by repeating the entire installation process. Your operating system To be set up again once a yearbut it may be considered by many Not a sustainable option be seen. Additionally, Microsoft could simply put an end to the approach that has worked so far.