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Phil Spencer is ‘in’ if teams want to revive classic Xbox and Activision franchises –

Phil Spencer is ‘in’ if teams want to revive classic Xbox and Activision franchises –

It wasn’t long after Microsoft announced it was purchasing Activision Blizzard last year before fans began making lists of classic franchises they’d like to bring back and suggesting that studios develop games created by other teams.

Now that Activision Blizzard is officially part of Microsoft, the wish lists have increased even more, but is this something Xbox head Phil Spencer will allow? It turns out the answer is yes, as Spencer is the final episode of the series The official podcast of Xbox She visited to discuss the acquisition. When asked about the teams reviving old, beloved series, he said:

“If teams want to come back and re-evaluate some of the things we have and focus fully on that, I will do my best.”

Spencer also said that he thinks Game Pass gives Microsoft the opportunity to revisit dormant franchises a few times each year — and again mentioned that he loved Wizards as a kid:

“I think with Game Pass we have the opportunity to pick up a few franchises every year almost like Revisited. I just made up that term. So it’s not a brand on a box, but you know, I bring up things like Witches, just because I remember playing it when I was A kid. I don’t have a plan for that, but I think given all the franchises that are part of our teams, there’s a chance for us to come back. And also if it’s just a matter of ‘recognizing the moment and recognizing what these things mean in the history of gaming and doing something right with them.’ Make it available to people through Game Pass. “I think there is an opportunity.”

Are there any cool perks you’d like to see from Microsoft? Maybe Starcraft Ghost from The Coalition, Banjo Kazooie from Toys for Bob, The Last Vikings from Rare or Hexen from Treyarch? Let us know in the comments.

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Check out the interesting episode of the podcast below. The discussion about reviving the classic games begins about 17 minutes in.