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Insurgency: Sandstorm: Shooter is now optimized for PS5 and Xbox Series

Insurgency: Sandstorm: Shooter is now optimized for PS5 and Xbox Series

Insurgency: Sandstorm has been available for PC since 2018, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions following in 2021 – and now owners of the latest platforms can finally enjoy a specially enhanced version of the shooter.

Several years after its original release, the shooter Insurgency: Sandstorm is by no means a thing of the past. For this reason, the game makers have now condensed and optimized the game for the current consoles PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

From today on, you can get the tactical shooter natively for existing consoles from Sony and Microsoft and can then enjoy a whole host of improvements in the Gen 9 version over the previous console version. Because: The game now takes advantage of the more powerful hardware of PS5 and Xbox Series

You can now play on PS5 and Xbox Series The less powerful Xbox Series S still has Full HD 1080p at 60fps. In addition, the HD texture pack is automatically activated in the enhanced game version, providing you with more detailed textures and providing more visual enjoyment.

Thanks to the 9th generation consoles' SSDs, you can now benefit from much shorter loading times – a function that PS4 owners also share with an SSD installation. Exclusive to PS5, haptic feedback and adaptive activities ensure a more intense gaming experience – thanks to the DualSense controller.

Also fun: A cross-generation mode is also available; This enables matches between eighth and ninth generation players, so you can also play with friends on a previous console. If you've already purchased Insurgency: Sandstorm for PS4 or Xbox One, you can upgrade for free to the original next-gen version for the respective subsequent console; In this case, you'll keep all previously purchased DLC packs there.

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Insurgency: Sandstorm – Next Generation Launch Demo

Shooter Insurgency: Sandstorm is now also optimized for PS5 and Xbox Series