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Intel Ice Lake-D: The new Xeon D-1700 and D-2700 with up to 20 cores

Intel Ice Lake-D: The new Xeon D-1700 and D-2700 with up to 20 cores

Photo: Intel

With much delay, Intel launches the new Xeon D-1700 and D-2700 based on Ice Lake-D today. As it replaces Skylake-based processors, the performance gains are huge depending on the application, and also because there are now up to 20 cores. The platform has also been upgraded.

The predecessor it replaced, codenamed Hewitt Lake, debuted three years ago at Mobile World Congress. Intel is only hesitantly raising the curtain on its successor today. Models, available such as the Xeon D-1700 with 4 to 10 cores and the Xeon D-2700 with 4 to 20 core variants, can definitely have it all.

Ice lake replaces Skylake

Talk about cores. As the Ice Lake-D codename suggests, the new Xeon D offers Sunny Cove generation CPU cores, just like those in the Ice Lake-SP server CPU family and the Ice Lake-U/mobile series. The base generation in the laptop) can be used. It offers significantly increased performance over the Skylake generation, which should make an impact in various tests along with the increased number of cores, additional PCIe 4.0 lanes, and native support for a faster LAN. Intel promises vast gains in all target areas.

Xeon D-1700 and Xeon D-2700
Xeon D-1700 and Xeon D-2700 (Photo: Intel)

Two chains with large and small dies

Although Intel’s press release regarding MCW 2022 for “launchSpeaking, the facts and data presented are few and far between at best. There are basically two series.

The Xeon D-1700 is based on the LCC (Low Core Count) template, which provides fewer cores in a small space, which Intel sets a maximum of ten. As the successor to the D-1600, the Xeon D-1700 now has three memory channels instead of the previous two. The small series can also increase significantly when it comes to memory expansion: instead of a maximum of only 128 GB, there are now at least twice that, and there will also be options with 384 GB.

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The Xeon D-2700 is based on the HCC (High Core Count) template, a maximum of 20 cores are given here. It stays with a four-channel memory interface, but now for DDR4-3200. At best, it can handle 1 TB of RAM, so far it was 512 GB. There are many gradations in the speed of RAM, and they are known from the Xeon D.

40 models for a wide range of applications

For more than 70 partners already – Some have already come forward today – About 40 models of the two CPU series with abbreviations such as T, TE, TR and TER will be released. This roughly corresponds to a doubling of the Xeon D-1600 and D-2100 model range combined. The TDP spectrum ranges from 25 to 129 watts, but Intel did not provide any details about the models in advance.

Updated 02/24/2022 5:37 PM

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