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International Space Station researchers have placed a quantum gas in a strange physical state

International Space Station researchers have placed a quantum gas in a strange physical state

For the first time, researchers on the International Space Station were able to… Quantum gas In the 5. Physical condition Production, that 2 types of atoms It includes. This could be the starting signal for entirely new quantum chemistry experiments in space.

Depending on the environment in which molecules and atoms are found, they adapt Links in. The laws of nature require that they remain connected to each other. However, in weightlessness, they move away from each other within these bonds. Instead of how Balls act like waves And it becomes “Inflation“.

Ultracold atoms are slowed down

In the Refrigerator laboratorytoo cold “Cold corn lab“L NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) To do this, gas bubbles are used Laser and magnet On approx -273°C Cool down. This causes the atoms to become so slow that researchers can observe certain quantum effects.

the Microgravity Ensures that a Bose-Einstein condenser Arises. On Earth it will dissipate once the laser and magnets are turned off. Maintains its state in weightlessness. since 2018 The International Space Station crew uses this feature to conduct quantum experiments.

Now they are able to create a quantum gas with two types of atoms for the first time: Rubidium potassium. Because the fragile gas on Earth decays quickly, no enlarged molecules with multiple atoms have yet been produced.

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Does Einstein’s theory of relativity need modification?

The experiment could help test part of Einstein’s theory of relativity: this The principle of equivalence. It is said that Gravity in a vacuum It affects all objects equally – regardless of whether it is a hammer or a spring.

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Ultracold “gas bubbles” are created using lasers and magnets

However, these are true Physical laws Not with these Laws of quantum physics Approves. The new experiment should now help determine the point at which gravity occurs Different Affects the matter. The results may lead researchers to… Einstein’s theory of relativity Need to adapt.

Better space sensors

Another application will be developed too Sensitive sensors. Even the smallest changes in the magnetic field or small rotations can cause a reaction. Using a Bose-Einstein condenser you can do this Gyros Produce it for Space navigation Can be used and explained Nicholas BigelowProfessor of Physics and Optics at the University of Rochester In the current situation.

also Accurate satellite clocks Or new opportunities for High speed internet In space being researched by his team. You can also learn more about it Dark energy It is said to be a cosmic component responsible for accelerating the expansion of the universe. The results of the study were In the journal Nature (PDF) Published.