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Introducing Bowmore® No Corners to Hide global travel retailer

Chicago (ots/PRNewswire) Bowmore revealed two whiskeys in the first edition of Bowmore No Corners to Hide; An exciting collaboration between acclaimed graphic artist Frank Coyle, who has drawn sketches for Marvel and DC Comics, and Bowmore master mixer Ron Welch.

Inspired by the most intriguing myths and legends of the remote island of Islay, each bottle of the collaboration features exclusive designs and artwork by Frank Quitely. Showcasing Islay’s extensive history and rich stories of a bygone era, illustrations exemplify the artistic expression of the Bowmore style.

The limited series includes two stunning single malts, aged 23 and 32, available exclusively at select global retail outlets, including Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Vienna, Dubai, Singapore and Taiwan.

The exceptional young 23-year-old captures the character of whiskey inspired by the legendary story No Corners to Hide. The spirit is stored in former American bourbon oak barrels to create the typical Bowmore style. This is followed by two years of aging in Essencia® drums to create a powerful character that sparks a sensory exploration of this legendary story. It picks up a touch of beeswax, the scent of frankincense, and lit sulfur to transport the senses to the Rotunda of Pomeranian. Each bottle is decorated with illustrations and drawings by Frank Quelletti.

The 32-year-old captures a moment in time; A story as compelling as the legend it celebrates. The initial 30-year maturation in bourbon ex-American oak barrels reflects a timely occupation in the barrel, similar to the alleged escape of the Devil himself. This was followed by two more years at Essencia® hurdles to produce an extraordinarily distinctive character. In turn it combines beeswax, incense and spent matches.

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With notes of Seville orange peel blending with the scent of an old cigar case, but also sprinkles of sweet and floral ending with a hint of licorice and iodine, the 32-year-old is equally dazzling and stunning. Each bottle comes with a signed print by Frank Kuwait, along with original drawings and notes on making the whiskey.

Manuel Gonzalez, Head of GTR Marketing at Beam Suntory said: “Bomore has a rich history of myth and legend, and we are thrilled to work with award-winning Frank Coyle to bring these stories to life. The Frank Kwitty Collection is the latest exciting collaboration with Marvel and DC to offer customers luxury limited editions.”

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