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Theondon (AP) – British Prince William In the face of the progress of climate change, (39) hope has shown that decisive action can lead to success.

Addressing young people, second-in-line to the British throne said at a ceremony to celebrate the Earthshot Award in London on Sunday: “Don’t stop learning, keep asking for change and don’t lose hope. We will overcome these challenges.” But at the same time, the king warned that the next ten years would be decisive. “The actions we choose or not choose will determine the fate of our planet,” William said.

With the Earthshot Award held on Sunday in the presence of Williams and his wife Duchess Kate Awarded (39) for the first time, five projects to be awarded annually in the future, which excel in the categories of nature conservation, sea protection, air cleanliness, waste avoidance, and climate protection. The prize money is one million pounds sterling (about 1.2 million euros). Among the winners was the Central American country of Costa Rica with its successful reforestation programme. Pop star Ed Sheeran and the band Coldplay performed at the party.

William isn’t the only king who’s becoming increasingly clear about things Climate change Find. Prince Charles, 72, who has long been an advocate for environmental protection, recently said in a BBC interview that he fully understood that young climate activists were frustrated that nothing had happened. Even Queen Elizabeth II (95) was filmed expressing her anger at the opening of the Welsh Parliament in Cardiff against politicians who, while finding outrageous words about fighting climate change, are not acting. “It’s very annoying when you talk, but then do nothing,” the Queen said in an interview with Member of Parliament and daughter-in-law Camilla.

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