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iOS 15 is still late to iOS 14 two weeks after its release

iOS 15 started with quite a few technical problems to fight. Perhaps that’s why many users still hesitate to send files Iphone To update the new software. Two weeks after its release, the spread was a long way from what iOS 14 achieved at the same time last year.

analysis Mixpanel It already showed the data of the first two days where 8.59% of users installed the new OS. Now the company is giving an acceptance rate of 22.22% by October 5, 2021. In comparison, iOS 14 rose to 14.68% in the first two days and installed on 41.97% of iPhones two weeks later.

Mixpanel gets its data from its app analysis, which counts visits to websites and apps by users using iOS 15. Hence, their stats can be a little skewed. However, last year’s statistics were collected in the same way and were very close to the actual numbers.

In any case, even if there is a statistical mismatch, it won’t come close to making up for the difference in adoption rate between iOS 14 and iOS 15. iPhone owners are clearly hesitant, at least for now. Apple has already fixed most of the issues it had with iOS 15, so the numbers should increase soon.

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