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Apple iPhone 13 Notch Leak

It is claimed that the fissure should not completely disappear

many An apple– Fans finally want an end to the crack. Although this was in New iPhone 13 Models It’s over 20 percent smaller, but it’s not gone yet. Almost all Android manufacturers have done this and rely almost exclusively on tiny camera holes. However, these do not hinder any complex and secure face recognition. The new rumors also suggest that not all iPhone 14s are completely down the line.

iPhone 14 with Notch and Pro models without? Face ID under the screen?

Show the leak from John Prosser Already some interesting design decisions. Including full screen display without big notch. As a leak on the Chinese Weibo forum suggests, this should also be the case. So iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max use Face ID under the screen. Well-known speaker’s comment and . have been removed Mac rumors I managed to catch this in time.

The innovation should only affect the two Pro models. According to the leak, those who prefer to save money and want to rely on the regular iPhone 14 models should be satisfied with an even greater degree. An apple It is known to only install completely new features in Pro devices and use them only in regular next generation iPhones. So this move would not be out of the question at all. The reason for deleting the leak remains unclear at this time.

This is what the iPhone 14 Pro could look like. According to the new information, the normal model should retain the notch. (Photo: John Prosser)

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By the way, Touch ID should not be a problem. Apple is against the idea of ​​a fingerprint scanner under the screen. The iPhone manufacturer is currently showing another way with the new iPad mini 6, which integrates Touch ID into the standby button. It would be at least a fancy alternative if face recognition didn’t work because of the mask.

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