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Das iPad Mini 6 kommt mit mehr Arbeitsspeicher

iPad Mini 6 comes with more memory

An apple has a new IPAD The Mini 6 is equipped with more RAM than its predecessor: the sixth-generation iPad Mini has four gigabytes of RAM, which in combination with the new A15 Bionic should ensure a consistently smooth user experience.

Apple gave the new iPad Mini 6 a slight increase in RAM: the new version of the iPad Mini has four gigabytes of RAM, which, among other things, has a MacRumors page based on the information confirmedProvided by the Apple Xcode development environment. Xcode 13 offers four gigabytes of RAM for the new iPad Mini 6.
The predecessor managed to get three gigabytes of RAM.

iPad 9 still comes with 3GB of RAM

iPad Mini 6 comes with as much memory as that Iphone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini, but it has another GPU core, which is part of the new A15 Bionic and also integrated into the iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 Pro Max in a version with five GPU cores.

The iPad 9 still has three gigabytes of RAM. Here you can read more details about the new iPad for beginners And Here we have the iPad Mini 6 for you Foot.

Both new models can already be pre-ordered from Apple. Delivery will begin on September 24, as well as retail sales, coinciding with the start of sales of new iPhone 13 models.

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