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iPhone 12-Fertigung in Indien beeinträchtigt: Foxconn-Fabrik stellt Arbeit ein

iPhone 12 manufacturing affected in India: Foxconn plant shuts down

Produce Iphone 12 in India is currently slowing down a bit. At the Foxconn plant, workers last stopped working after several workers contracted food poisoning. If the problem cannot be resolved quickly, there is a risk of further impacts on iPhone availability.

The iPhone 12 from Apple is currently being produced in India. There was a little sand in the machine last time, in a factory near Chennai the workers stopped working. Then they blocked access to the factory premises, as Reuters did mentioned. The background was a series of cases of food poisoning that occurred in the plant.

As a result, 150 hospital employees had to be treated. The factory not far from Chennai is run by Foxconn.

iPhone production is not at risk in the short term

In the factory near Chennai, the current iPhone 13 will also be manufactured from next year, as we do in one the previous message have been mentioned. However, the schedule could come under pressure if the grievances in Chennai are not immediately addressed.

After the outbreak of the food crisis, several employees contacted the responsible Ministry of Labor and raised allegations about other problems at the plant, which the authority will now investigate. In the event of a long-term factory failure, this could have a negative impact on the already strained availability of iPhone 12 and 13 models.
In India, along with Foxconn, Wistron and Pegatron also manufacture iPhones for Apple, some of which are also marketed in other markets.