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It is claimed that "Tiramisu" with individual language option

It is claimed that “Tiramisu” with individual language option

From Rhonda Bachmann
Android 12 isn’t even installed on all authorized smartphones, so there should be early information on the successor. XDA now claims to have received screenshots of a very early version of Android 13, also known as “Tiramisu”. Among other things, the update should bring individual language options and changes to notifications.

XDA Fellows are already working with Android 13, even if it’s current The previous version of Android 12 has not been released to all users Will be. XDA is said to have received screenshots of a very early version of Android 13. The information in ‘tiramisu’ is trustworthy. However, since the update is still a work in progress, some of the features offered in the first previews may not go into it. The first developer preview is expected in 2022.

Android 13 Tiramisu with new functions

According to the information in the screenshots, Android 13 can provide individual language options. So far, the apps are still using the language that is set in the system options. All applications are displayed in the system language. That could change with Android 13, because the update should bring up the App Info tab. In this, the language required for each application can be set.

There should also be changes to notifications. When apps are installed, users can decide if they can send notifications to the device. So far, Android apps have been able to send notifications automatically, but there is a possibility to set priorities.

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“TARE: Android Resource Economy” is supposed to hide a new type of power management. Depending on the battery level, apps receive a type of “coin” that these credits can then use as “payments” to perform tasks. This seems like a complicated process that requires waiting for documents from Google.

With Android 13, it should also be possible to permanently keep the single-line layout of the clock on the lock screen. Currently, the clock is displayed in a two-line format when there are no notifications. When notifications arrive, Android switches to a one-line layout. Users have always wanted to be able to set which layout should be displayed. With Android 13 this should apparently be possible.

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