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iPhone 15 with USB-C port: The new cable is said to have a major flaw

iPhone 15 with USB-C port: The new cable is said to have a major flaw

In September, Apple will introduce the new iPhone 15. However, due to the new EU regulations, it will not have a so-called Lightning port as a charging connector, but a USB-C port, like smartphones from other manufacturers.

Slower cables included

Apple will include a USB-C cable with the cell phone, of which certain details have already been leaked. The new 1.5-meter cable is said to be thick and durable, but it only charges at USB 2.0 speeds. The faster version, USB 3.0, was introduced as early as 2008, which achieves USB speeds up to 10 times faster. However, Apple chose the older cable.

Presumably, only the Pro models of iPhones get faster charging cables. It is also possible that users of Apple devices will have to purchase separate accessories to get faster speeds.


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