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iPhone users will have to pay soon: Apple is discontinuing the service

iPhone users will have to pay soon: Apple is discontinuing the service

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As part of a recent overhaul of its warranty policy, Apple has made a big change for its customers. The new regulation specifically affects damage to the screens of iPhones and Apple Watches and has consequences for both retailers and end consumers.

Until now, tiny cracks in the glass, which can occur primarily at the edge of iPhone and Apple Watch screens, were covered by the manufacturer's one-year warranty. These repairs were performed entirely by Apple, with no discussion of the cause of the damage – except for visible drop damage. Decision-making power rested with correctional service providers, who were able to deal with individual cases flexibly.

Apple is now taking a U-turn and is now classifying these hairline cracks as “accidental damage.” This change takes effect immediately for iPhone and Apple Watch owners. What is noteworthy here is that even if no other damage to the device is discovered, repairing this breakage now falls within the customer’s costs. For example, if a new screen is needed for the iPhone 15, Apple will charge the customer a hefty sum of €340.

Apple Care+ is a lifeline

Users only have a certain amount of relief if they have previously obtained additional Apple Care+ insurance. In this case, the personal contribution is much lower: 29 euros. Interestingly, iPads and MacBooks are not affected by this strict treatment; The manufacturer's warranty for these devices still covers this type of damage.

The background to the decision is unclear

Why Apple draws such a dividing line between device categories remains unclear. Differentiated treatment raises questions about basic strategy and customer service.

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For customers, this change means tightened warranty terms and potentially additional unexpected costs in the event of damage.