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Retold sends gods, monsters, and men into battle September 4th – SHOCK2

Retold sends gods, monsters, and men into battle September 4th – SHOCK2

Age of Empires will be released on September 4th Age of Mythology: Retelling A legendary real-time strategy game shines with new splendor.

Immerse yourself in an age of myth and legend as you join gods, monsters, and humans in epic battles for glory and honor. Age of Mythology: Retold will be released on September 4 for PC and Xbox Series

An heirloom comes to new life

Retold is more than just a remake of the original. The developers have combined the best elements of the popular classic game with modern real-time strategy design and stunning graphics to create an epic and innovative gaming experience.

Experience the power of the gods

Choose from three different civilizations: Greeks, Norse, and Egyptians. Each civilization has unique gods, heroes, and units that you can use to fight your enemies.

Command legendary monsters

Rely on the supernatural power of the gods to destroy your enemies. Summon powerful creatures like minotaurs, giants and griffins to the battlefield and lead them in amazing battles.

Write your own story

Embark on exciting campaigns in which you can bring the legends of Scandinavian, Greek and Egyptian mythology to life. Face tough challenges in multiplayer mode and compete with players from all over the world.

The game allows you Pre-order on Steambut it will be present in Game Pass for console and PC from day one starting on September 4.

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