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irregularities in the balance sheet in Juventus?  Also Ronaldo on the horizon

irregularities in the balance sheet in Juventus? Also Ronaldo on the horizon

Financial police searched the club’s offices in Turin and Milan on Friday afternoon on the orders of the public prosecutor. The judiciary accuses the listed association of filing false reports and issuing non-existent transaction invoices. It examines balance sheets from 2019 to 2021. According to media reports, investigators are setting their sights on investment income from companies worth hundreds of millions.

Interrogation with club presidents

The “Prisma” investigation is also directed against the club’s presidents. “Juventus Football Club has taken note of the opening of an investigation by the Turin Public Prosecutor’s Office against the company and some of its current representatives (Andrea Agnelli, Pavel Nedved, Stefano Cerato),” the club said.

The Prosecutor’s Office examines various transfers of professional players and the services of advisors who were involved in the mediation. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, the conversations that were wiretapped by the police were also about former Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo. Referring to the investigators, it was said that they had resorted to a confidential letter concerning the contractual relationship of the Portuguese and outstanding salary payments, but it was not published by the responsible bodies.

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