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SV Ried and Rapid split in 2:2 . competitive game

SV Ried and Rapid split in 2:2 . competitive game

In the 16th round of the German Football League, SV Guntamatic Ried welcomed Rapid Vienna on Sunday evening at the Jusko Arena. Ryder remained undefeated four times in a row, but Rapid started the match better. In the ninth minute, Red Turter Radlinger saved a shot from Schick. Two minutes later, Rapid-Strimmer Kara was in place after a corner kick and gave the guests the lead they deserved. That was Ryder’s wake-up call. One minute into the round, fast goalkeeper Gartler makes a save against Bajic who is approaching in dire straits. In the 18th minute, he put Stoic Bajic away with a perfect pass. Gartler held the lead again in the fencing and saved it with a foot defense. In the 26th minute, Filip Stojkovic was unlucky. After a free kick by Rieder and a harmless header from Reiner, Stojkovic shot the ball into his own goal unsustainably – 1: 1.

Football - BL, Ried vs Rapid

Several tackles, but also several goal-area scenes, marked the intense match between SV Ried and Rapid

Photo: GEPA Images/Manfred Bender

Half an hour later, former Rieder Marco Grll got a great opportunity to lead the guests again. Red Torturer prevented Shaheen Radlinger from leading 2-1 with a solid foot defense. At the 39th minute, Grll had bad luck. His shot at the far post fell on the right post, and Shaheen Radlinger had no chance.

In the second half, the guests had more of the match, but at the moment there were few chances. But since the 68th minute, the speed of the match has already increased. First, substitute Fontas missed a double chance for Rapid. Substitute Micic was better on Ryder’s side. With a superb shot in the right corner, SV Ried made a 2-1 lead in the 71st minute.

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After a quick corner kick in the 78th minute, Kara was high He corrects and raises the ball to equalize in the net. But a sidelined Rapid player could get in the way of Sahin-Radlinger’s vision. Referee Geiger watched the event on TV and did not score. In the 84th minute, Rapidler’s equalizer was undisputed and deserved. Substitute Knasmliner hit the ball from the left and headed into the corner.

Rapidler wanted more and pressed hard for victory. In injury time, the Vienna team missed two big chances. With a 2-2 draw, Ryder remained undefeated in his 13th game in a row. Next week there will be a derby against LASK in Pasching. The Linzers are now seven points behind Innviertel in the standings table.

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“This exciting match should have been well deserved by the fans,” coach Christian Heinley said after the match. “We can live well with a 2-2 draw, and Rapid still has some great chances in the latter stages.”

“It’s pure drama for the league,” Heinel said. “It’s good that we’re in the race for the championship a couple of sessions before Christmas.” Ryder is currently fifth with 21 points after the sixteenth innings. The top six teams after Round 22 advance to the play-off. WSG Tirol ninth is only two points behind SV Ried with 19 points.

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