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Is Russia planning a nuclear test?  “Not at this time”,…

Is Russia planning a nuclear test? “Not at this time”,…

The US has accused Russia of being the only country ready to resume nuclear testing. Russia disagrees, but makes it clear: If the US tests, Russia wants to test too.

The Russian government on Friday denied reports that Russia was preparing for a nuclear test. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said all nuclear-armed nations have adhered to the nuclear test ban.

The Kremlin responded to an interview with Lynn Tracy, the US ambassador to Moscow, who told the Kommersant newspaper that Russia was the only country talking about resuming nuclear tests.

When America tests, Russia wants to test as well

President Vladimir Putin said in February, without providing any evidence, that some in Washington were considering lifting the ban on nuclear tests and that Russia should be ready to respond accordingly. “If America conducts tests, we will. No one should harbor dangerous illusions that it can destroy global strategic parity,” Putin said.

Asked about Tracy’s comments, Kremlin spokesman Peskov downplayed the notion that Moscow was planning its own nuclear test. “Right now everyone is following the ban. Nothing more can be said,” he told reporters.

Atomic pressures

Nuclear tensions between Russia and the US have escalated since the conflict with Ukraine began. Putin has repeatedly warned that Russia is ready to use its nuclear weapons if necessary to protect its “territorial integrity.”

In February, Putin announced that Russia would end its participation in the New START treaty, the last nuclear weapons treaty with the United States, which limits the number of strategic warships each side can use.

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Russia says it has stopped releasing any information from the United States about its nuclear activities. It is about any kind of information from this area, says Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov. This includes nuclear weapons tests.