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US Presidential Election: Who Will Run for the Republican Party?  – Politics

US Presidential Election: Who Will Run for the Republican Party? – Politics

After US President Joe Biden announced he would run for re-election in 2024, it didn’t take long for his predecessor and rival Donald Trump’s email machine to go into overdrive. In a stream of messages, he pitifully described to his supporters how the country was going to the dogs, which was why they were now forced to send him money. In return he will save the country.

Trump also tried humor. Now there is something worse than warm beer. I mean? Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. One can clearly imagine the hearty laughter in Trump-loving households at this highly original comparison. It’s a bit surprising that Trump doesn’t drink alcohol, so he doesn’t have personal knowledge of the benefits of cold beer over warm beer. A discussion of the question of why men, especially Trump’s age, like to drink their beer a little warmer would be too far-fetched at this point.

So after Biden’s announcement, Trump picked up where he hadn’t stopped before: He begged his supporters for money. Or, to put it more elegantly, he was too determined to raise funds. As an aside, he found time to say a few words about Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who could become his intra-party rival for the presidential nomination. He is trying to “clean up the stain from the failed campaign”. It is not entirely clear what this means. But even that doesn’t really matter, it’s about the fact that the base continues to hear that DeSantis isn’t that good, and Trump, especially, is good.

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Ron DeSantis joined Fox News in Japan

The addressee recently left his natural habitat and embarked on a journey around the world, taking him through Japan and South Korea to Israel and Great Britain. The whole thing is referred to as an “international trade mission” for Florida. A DeSantis spokeswoman said her boss “continues to demonstrate exceptional leadership, including on the world stage.” DeSantis has no foreign policy experience, which is expected of the president (at least before Trump entered the political arena), and under the perennial Florida sun, they decided it was best for the governor to leave. Little.

One of the first things he did after arriving in Japan was join Sean Hannity’s show on Fox News. DeSantis may have worried that one day the United States would forget him as he stepped out onto the wider world stage and demonstrated leadership. DeSantis chose China as his subject even though he was in Japan. “They are showing their muscles, and the fact that Biden has been so weak on the world stage only motivates them more,” he said.

Speaking to business leaders in Tokyo, DeSantis shared his observation that he saw no litter on the city’s streets. Florida is beautiful, too, he assured his hosts, “but other states, other cities in other parts of America could still learn something.” One might get the impression that DeSantis used his appearance on the world stage in front of everyone to address the home theater audience.

He also told the Japanese business delegation about a city called Chicago. It used to be great, but now has major problems. Why is that? The city recently elected a liberal mayor.

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The Florida governor is trying to position himself to the right of Donald Trump

The word “liberal” certainly doesn’t describe DeSantis. He recently banned abortions in Florida after the sixth week, at which point many women don’t even know they’re pregnant. As a form of compensation, the state has allowed concealed carry of firearms. DeSantis has chosen to position himself to Trump’s right, though not by much.

As expected, travel reporters were only secondarily interested in what the “international trade mission” could bring to Florida. So, “Governor, the polls show you trailing Trump. What do you think?” That’s the inevitable question a reporter asked a long time ago. You can see from DeSantis that he envisioned it differently on the world stage. “I’m not a candidate, so we’ll see when that changes,” he said.

In fact, DeSantis has yet to officially announce his candidacy. However, there is little doubt in political circles that he wants to run, and probably will. Possible dates are late May or early June. Some major Republican donors don’t want to run against Trump again for president. They see DeSantis as the only alternative.

As the governor travels to faraway lands, people back home in Fort Lauderdale struggle after a historic flood. As the traveling DeSantis already noted, showing his extraordinary leadership on the world stage would have made for great films in many ways.