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Is your father going to prison?

Is your father going to prison?

He controlled her life and was said to have bugged her. Britney, 39, dad, 69, could soon atone for his amazing border crossing!

She dances naked in the garden, having fun with her kind New independence! Britney Spears can finally take her life in her own hands again after 13 years of guardianship. And after the revealing dance breaks, your next step is: retribution for the ruthless order of her father Jimmy. Because he should have taken control of her entire life against her will Enter file She even arranged for her villa to be secretly monitored.

even in her Bedbugs are found in bedrooms. Mr. Spears has to pay for it now – and he might go to jail! As the British newspaper “Daily Mail” wrote, it should Singer’s lawyer He petitioned Jimmy to be prosecuted, asserting:

He crossed an unbelievable line.

The British newspaper “Sun” reported that the authorities increasingly targeted Jamie. In the coming weeks, he will have to focus on representing his own interests and not those of his daughter,” he said. Says a source in the newspaper. Not only because of illegal wiretapping in Villa Brit Jimmy could end up in jail.

You can read more on the topic here:

Jimmy Spears threatens imprisonment

He too will financial mismanagement Accused. Did he benefit from his daughter’s $50 million fortune? It was only recently announced that he was about to be ousted sold out of their land ought to. The vacant land in Louisiana is supposed to be his About 2.5 million dollars brought in. The only consolation for Brett is that he doesn’t have any money left in prison!

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