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"Friends" star James Michael Tyler (59): Actor Gunther is dead

“Friends” star James Michael Tyler (59): Actor Gunther is dead

Fans of the series “Friends” know him as a strange bartender from Central Perk. Because through his role as Gunther, James Michael Tyler († 59) became world famous. This news that reaches us is even sadder. The man with hydrogen blonde hair and his feelings for Rachel Green (Jennifer Aniston, 52) has a place in fans’ hearts forever, died of prostate cancer. This was reported by the American website “”, citing the actor’s manager. The 59-year-old slept peacefully at his home in Los Angeles on Sunday morning local time (October 24). And the family of the late actor announced in a statement: “The world knew him as Günther (“Friend” VII) from the series”Friends”, but Michael’s loved ones knew him as an actor and musician for him. She works against cancer and as a beloved husband.” He goes on to say, “Michael loved live music, cheered for his Clemson Tigers, and often found himself on funny, unplanned adventures. Once you met him, you had a friend for life.”

James Michael Tyler has been battling prostate cancer since 2018

Until recently, the 59-year-old battled cancer, which was announced in June 2021. At the time, deeply moved James Michael Tyler explained that he was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in September 2018 that had spread to the bones. “I received this diagnosis almost three years ago. It’s stage 4 cancer,” former actor Gunter said on NBC’s “Today” at the time. Then he added wistfully, “So maybe that will surprise me at some point.”

James Michael Tyler showed remorse: ‘I should have listened to my wonderful wife’

One quote from this interview in particular stirs tears to this day. Even more so now that we know that James Michael Tyler has lost the battle with cancer. “I should have listened to my wonderful wife, who is my absolute fortress,” James Michael Tyler cried in his last public interview. “I would have gone to the doctor earlier and then hopefully it will be discovered soon.”

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Now his widow Jennifer Karnot is crying over the man she has always stood by. Especially when he was fighting his toughest battles. With her, fans of “Friends” from all over the world mourned the actor who would be forever forgotten.