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Israel Galvan: Radio Concert -

Israel Galvan: Radio Concert –

Israel Galvan: Radio Concert

For the first time, the ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival will be a guest at RadioKulturhaus with a performance by Spanish flamenco dancer and choreographer Israel Galvan.

Who is able to rework flamenco, mix it with elements of cross-dressing, bullfighting and all kinds of rituals from popular culture to football, and thus bring it into the twenty-first century? This is in front of everyone Israel GalvanDistinguished contemporary bailaor that pretty much outshines all that goes with good traditional folklore.
Not only does this mean hot soles on the wooden “tablao” flamenco floor, it means rediscovering the possibilities of this exciting Andalusian dance. In 2016, Galvan demonstrated what that means in FLA.CO.MEN at ImPulsTanz. Now, the multi-award winning star, who participated in Kassel Documenta 14 in 2017, returns to Vienna, where he will implement a very special project: a radio party. Galvan says he’s always wanted to record his dance on a music CD. Now this desire has been fulfilled at ImPulsTanz at ORF Radiokulturhaus. A percussion banquet is guaranteed for lovers of dance and music!

Born in Seville, Spain, to the family of dancers Jose Galvan and Eugenia de los Reyes, Israel Galvan received a classical flamenco education, but since his first ¡Mira! / Los zapatos rojos (1998), which paved the way for a manifesto for a new spirit of flamenco dance, gradually turning into an unclassified dancer and choreographer. Galvan re-encodes the body language of flamenco, using not only expressions close to lineage, such as bullfighting, but also performative aspects of other rituals in popular culture, from football to activity to dressing. It produces multiple flamenco bodies that are themselves in the process of changing. Each of his creations aims to be a milestone in his quest for a dance that wants to break free from certain characteristics of crystallized flamenco. He wants the dance to focus again on the actual act of dancing.
Israel Galván has won the most prestigious awards such as the Premio Nacional de Danza (Spain), the New York Bessie Performance Award and the National Dance for Excellence Art Award (Great Britain). In 2016, he was promoted to officer dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in France. Israel Galván also stars in a Netflix documentary series about dance called Move. He is Associate Artist of Le Théâtre de la Ville in Paris.

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