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Ukraine: Up to 60 dead after air strike on a school

Ukraine: Up to 60 dead after air strike on a school

After a Russian air strike on a school in the Luhansk region, Ukrainian authorities say up to 60 people may have died.

After the air strike on the school in Belogorivka, two bodies have so far been recovered, the region’s governor, Serhii Hajjaj, announced on his Telegram channel on Sunday. “Maybe all 60 people who are still under the rubble of the building have died,” he added.

People took shelter – and the house collapsed

According to him, the air strike took place on Saturday afternoon. 90 people sought protection from attacks on the school building. A fire broke out in the school as a result of the bombing and the collapse of the building. Emergency services were able to save 30 people — seven of whom were injured, according to the governor.

Bilogorivka is an urban settlement about ten kilometers west of Lysychansk. The city is hotly contested.

Russian forces are advancing

After several days without any noticeable progress, Russian forces regained their gains once again in their offensives in the Donbass region, according to Ukrainian sources. “In the direction of Lyman, the enemy attacked the northern suburbs of Chandrigulov,” the Ukrainian General Staff said in its report on the situation on Sunday. Chandrigulov is located about 20 kilometers north of the city of Sloviansk, and is part of the target of the Russian operation in the Donbass.

Attacks on steel mills continue

In addition, Russian troops continue to launch attacks in the direction of Sevgirodontsk, Popasna and Avdiivka. “In the direction of Kurakhov, the enemy is trying to resume its attack on Novomikhalevka with artillery support,” it added. In Mariupol, the ban on Ukrainian units at the steel plant will continue. With air and artillery support, Russian forces continue their offensive attempts there.

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Military expert Gerald Karner talks about Putin’s plans

In general, the Ukrainian military command talks about nine Russian attacks that were repelled. Among other things, a Mi-28 helicopter, 19 tanks and 20 armored military vehicles were shot down.

According to the report, the Russians took a defensive position in the north of the Kharkiv region. “The enemy focused its efforts there on stopping the advance of our forces towards the northern and northeastern borders of Kharkiv,” the General Staff said.