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On board the first “Made in China” passenger plane

On board the first “Made in China” passenger plane

Since the end of May is the first passenger plane “Made in China” in the process line. the Comac C919 fly to eastern china internal roads. China hopes that, like Western aircraft manufacturers more independent Airbus And Boeing to become. However, China cannot rely solely on COMAC’s domestic technology. components like that Motors or Cockpit equipment The state aircraft manufacturer still had to import from the West. Comac is compiled, which is basically compiled Airbus A320 It must compete, but at least in the People’s Republic.

Youtube Aviation Noel Phillips He was on one of the first flights. He talks about it He eatsto “The smell of a new planeAnd the the bathroom in C919.

Bartender with GoPro

The job of a waiter can be stressful. Anyone involved in an employee’s daily life Top London Restaurant Want to do that with a new video? The waiter here wears one GoProwhich you can use to watch him mix drinks.

This is the size of our galaxy, the Milky Way

orders of magnitude It is very difficult to imagine yourself as a human being in space. So there is in our galaxy between 100 and 400 billion stars. This video attempts to show the size of our Milky Way galaxy.

Apple laptop without keyboard

a reddit-The user has yet to view Apple TV See the headset Supporter of this legendary onions-Video hair reminder. The corresponding post received thousands of upvotes. The satirical portal mentions a product of the same name MacBook wheel mentioned. Everything is just a few hundred clicks away.

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How satellite navigation for cars worked in 1971

not enough? Then take a look at Ins Netz Gone last week. There you see Navigation sat car from 1971that’s amazing Adorable And creative He was. It also becomes clear relatively quickly why it has not become widespread.