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New map with MW3 and finally the return of Verdansk?  Strong leak

New map with MW3 and finally the return of Verdansk? Strong leak

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The popular battle royale mode called Warzone will also return in MW3. Finally the new map was introduced and two popular maps returned.

SANTA MONICA – The popular battle royale mode Warzone will also be present in Modern Warfare 3. Fans will soon be able to perform exciting shootouts on the new map. SO COOL: 2 fan favorites will be back. This means that the new Call of Duty will offer massive scope. There is also a hot rumor spreading about the Old School map. But what does that mean? And what new map can you look forward to?

Name of the game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III
launch November 10, 2023
publisher Activision
Row Call of duty
Developer Hammer games
platform PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series
Type First person shooter

Warzone: This new map and two fan-favorite maps are back in MW3

This is the new Warzone map in MW3: The new map will be called Urzikstan. The map was previously the location in MW1. The official Call of Duty channel has uploaded a video to YouTube where you can get a closer look at the new map. In addition to the typical high-rise buildings in the city called Zaravan City, there are also a lot of surrounding areas. Places like the abandoned industrial zone, the nuclear power plant, the port and the slums reminiscent of the random map from MW2 are just a small taste. Here you can see the places at once:

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Fans can look forward to a large map with diverse areas. This means that shootouts should vary greatly depending on location and gameplay.

These two fan favorites return in MW3: It was too Announced that Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep will be returning in MW3. The two most popular Warzone maps of all time await, returning in 2024. In the past, these smaller maps have caused a lot of gunfights and significantly more action. Fans have loved these fast-paced cards and can now look forward to their return.

Warzone: This new map comes with MW3 – 2 absolute fan favorites are also back © Activision

Want to test the game in advance? Then take a look here: MW3 Beta starts today: Download, times and rewards – Pre-load is running on PlayStation.

Warzone: Hot rumor about an ancient legendary map – could it make it to MW3?

Hot rumor about old school Warzone map: Can it really be achieved? The leaker recently wrote on X, formerly Twitter @metaphor The following is on the schedule:

Verdansk is back too.

The CoD leaker does not provide any clues about the source of this information. But in the past, Metaphor has proven to be a reliable source when it comes to Call of Duty rumors. Many of his declarations have come true. However, you should treat this information with caution. MW3 seems to have been well received: MW3 Preview Event Causes a Huge Change in Mood – Veterans are getting back into the CoD hype.