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Italy: Russian hackers wanted to disrupt the ESC final

Italy: Russian hackers wanted to disrupt the ESC final

According to the Italian police, the hacker group “Kilent” tried to disrupt the final match with cyber attacks.

Italian police have avoided a cyber attack on the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, which began in Turin on Saturday night Victory of the Ukrainian folk rap formation Kalush Orchestra It came to an end. Police said in a press release on Sunday that hackers tried to disrupt the final with cyber attacks.

The cyberattack by the Russian hacking group Kelnet was averted. However, it has not been fully clarified who is behind it. Killnet has already announced a cyber attack on the Eurovision Song Contest on its Telegram channels. Safety precautions were taken with public television station RAI, which broadcast the song contest. More than 100 police specialists have been deployed to defend against the attack.

The company “Kilent” has already claimed responsibility for a hacker attack targeting the IT systems of the Italian Senate and the Ministry of Defense in Rome on Wednesday. This too was attacked Institute of Advanced Studies For the city of Lucca, which deals with digital technologies, the Higher Health Institute, the Compass portal, a database collecting company information, the Italian Automobile Club (ACI). According to the current state of the art, these were the so-called DDoS attacks (“Distributed Denial of Service”). Attackers try to paralyze servers with a flood of requests.


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