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Reactions to the NRW election: 'You can't form a government without us'

Reactions to the NRW election: ‘You can’t form a government without us’

As of: 05/15/2022 8:01 PM

For the greens of North Rhine-Westphalia, one thing is beyond doubt: they will be part of the government in the future. Although all sides are still keeping all options open, CDU and SPD are sending clear signals in the direction of the green.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, there are two election winners on this day: of course the CDU is the stronger force – but above all the Greens, who can celebrate their best result yet in the state.

First candidate Mona Neubauer had to take a deep breath and managed to do so after the first predictions and expectations became public. The head of state then said that her party’s performance was a huge “leap of faith” and the result of an “independent and self-confident election campaign”.

A future government with a “strong green line”

The result is also a commitment, Neubauer emphasized. Because one thing is clear: “You cannot form a government without us.” The Greens are clearly calling for government involvement, with a “strong green handwriting”. The party’s top candidate left the matter open with whom an alliance might be possible. The Green Party will enter into talks with all democratic parties with the aim that under a new government “a modern political policy will be established and for the people of North Rhine-Westphalia”.

Thank you very much for going to Berlin from Neubauer. Because the success of their state union is also due to the appearance and political style of the Green Party at the federal level. To show “position and compass,” especially in times of crisis, in the words of Neubauer: “And the people of North Rhine-Westphalia trust us too.”

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The CDU wants to “shape and lead” the government

The top candidate for the actual winner of the elections in North Rhine-Westphalia was relatively short-lived: Hendrik West also spoke of a “clear vote of confidence” in the CDU, which voters had “made the most powerful force”. Which was tasked with “forming and leading” the future government.

Even the current prime minister spared his first reaction of thanks: to his party and everyone who supported him on the campaign trail – “Team Wüst, you guys are great”.

After thanking his wife Catarina, he thanked his former coalition partner, the Free Democratic Party, which had lost favor with the voters. “We’ve governed our country pretty well in recent years,” West said. The CDU and the FDP could have done this in a “friendly” and “reliable” manner.

West sees ‘winners’ on Election Day

However, West sees very clearly that “there are two winners tonight” – the Greens and the Christian Democrats. Election results must be treated with “respect”. The current prime minister does not want to specify where his preferences for a potential coalition partner lie in the future. But when looking at the political challenges ahead, it is clear that Wüst puts “climate protection in this industrial country” in North Rhine-Westphalia first.

Kuchaty: ‘First Choice Goal’ achieved

Thomas Kochati also began the election evening by thanking his party for “encouragement and applause” despite the worst performance of the Social Democrats in North Rhine-Westphalia. “The result is less than our expectations,” said the top candidate — to focus immediately on the supposed success of Election Day: because the “first electoral goal” had been achieved: “The black and yellow vote succeeded.”

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Koshati said the CDU made its vote gains at the expense of the FDP. He still does not want to give up hope for a future red and green government and is focused on common intersections. For example, to implement climate change, to create affordable housing and increase investment in education.

Not “keeping up” with the FDP

The former member of the coalition, the Free Democratic Party, is struggling to lose votes and, according to forecasts, returns only to the state parliament. From the point of view of top candidate Joachim Stump, the investigation into the causes is now suspended. The former deputy prime minister stressed that it is quite clear that “we cannot go back to business as usual”:

It can’t happen like this. We’ll have to check everything.

In general, Markus Wagner, the candidate of the AfD party, was satisfied with the election result. “For us, this means first of all that we entered the state parliament for the second time when we ran for elections in North Rhine-Westphalia,” Wagner of ZDF said. While he acknowledged that his party had suffered losses, it generally held together.