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Prince William visited the terminally ill BBC presenter

Prince William visited the terminally ill BBC presenter

British radio presenter Deborah James, who suffers from cancer and was recently knighted by the Queen, received a personal knighthood from Prince William (39).

In the pictures James posted on his Instagram account on Friday evening, the second in line to the British throne can be seen with the 40-year-old James and his relatives in the family garden. James wrote: “Prince William has already come to our house today!” She added, “I am honored that he joined us for afternoon tea and champagne (…)”. William not only spent a lot of time with the family, but also brought it up to her, giving her the title of Lady, equivalent to Mr.

James has made a name for herself with the BBC podcast on cancer, where she has been very open about her colon cancer. A few days ago she revealed that she is now in the final stages and has very limited time to live. According to her own statements, she has since raised more than 5 million pounds (5.9 million euros) through an appeal for donations for cancer research.

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