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It’s easy to become a healthy friend

It’s easy to become a healthy friend

Wiener Hilfswerk is looking for Viennese aged 50 or over who want to support the elderly. © Wiener Hilfswerk/Daniel Nuderscher

Wiener Hilfswerk supports the promotion of health in old age through the “Health for Life” project. We are currently looking for interested people who would like to work as volunteer ‘Health Buddies’ on the project.

As part of the Health for Life initiative, trained volunteer health buddies train with the elderly and the physically frail. With muscle-building exercises and nutrition tips, the focus isn’t just on physical health – when training together, the social aspect and associated mental fitness boost plays a key role. It is a topic that has been gaining importance, especially after a period of loneliness and isolation for many people. Participation in the project funded by the Ministry of Social Affairs is free of charge. Wiener Hilfswerk is currently looking for people who want to work as health companions on the project.

Become a health friend

The Wiener Hilfswerk is looking for Viennese from the age of 50 who want to support the elderly. Therefore, the project should not only reach the elderly, but also achieve health effects in the age group over 50 years in the role of health companions and in the sense of primary prevention. Health Companions are professionally trained by Relief Vienna staff and lecturers from Physio Austria and MedUni Vienna before they practice with clients. Home visits take place twice a week for three months, and can also be extended upon request. Details of the initiative for volunteers who would like to become health buddies will be available at upcoming informational evenings.

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Information evenings

when: September 5-7, 2023, 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
where: Wiener Hilfswerk, Schottenfeldgasse 29, 1070 Vienna
registration: If you are interested, please contact Katharina Prohaska at +43 1 512 36 61-1662 or [email protected].
More information about the project: