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Bella remembers tuna sandwiches – SALZBURG24

Bella remembers tuna sandwiches – SALZBURG24

Pointed bones were discovered

Consumption is discouraged

APA/Hans Bones

Bella remembers many tuna sandwiches and rolls. (icon image)

Due to the discovery of sharp bones, Bella now remembers many tuna sandwiches and rolls. Consumption is strongly discouraged.

Due to the discovery of small, sharp bones in some packages of raw MSC tuna, Bella launched a recall. Depending on the broadcast, it cannot be ruled out that other beams will be affected. In order to avoid any risks, it is not recommended to eat the following products:

  • Bella Tuna Sandwich With Free Egg 170g (V-EAN/GTIN: 9002233029569, all MHD)
  • Bella Tuna Sandwich With Olives And Rocket 170g (V-EAN/GTIN: 9010437005944, All BBD Types)
  • Bella Protein Tuna Rolled With Avocado 180g (V-EAN/GTIN: 9010437023481, All BBD)
  • Bella Wrap Tuna & Chicken Feta Mix 285g (V-EAN/GTIN: 9002233061750, All BBD Types)
  • Bella Lipitor Sandwich Mix With Tuna And Egg 220g (V-EAN/GTIN: 9002233063075, All BBD)
  • Smartly Rolled Tuna 170g (V-EAN/GTIN: 9010437026130, All BBD Types)

Refund even without a receipt

For safety reasons, the entire stock of the product has been withdrawn from sale. Affected products already purchased can now be returned without a receipt.

The supplier “Wojnar’s Wiener Leckerbissen Delikatessenproduktion GmbH” regrets this incident and apologizes to all customers for the inconvenience caused.

(Source: Salzburg 24)

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